Mar 25

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10 Skills That Every Urban Survivalist Should Learn

       There are skills that every adult should learn in order to be able to survive in case of a shtf scenario. So many folks have never grown a single garden plant and would have no clue how to even start much less provide for themselves and their families.

     Back in the day if you didn’t grow it or grow something to trade for it you just didn’t have it. In there were ever an EMP we could end up back to that way of life and a whole lot of folks would be lost because they would not know how to provide even the basics of homegrown food. Added to the fact that there would be no grocery stores stocked full of fresh meat and produce, it might be hard to find medical help or get police protection or help.

      Everyone should at least learn some self sufficiency skills. Even if you don’t plan to spend you life gardening you should still at least know how. This article from Ready Nutrition suggests everyone should learn these ten skills at the very least. If you can learn a useful skill that you could trade with you would probably have an easier time that others.

       Skills such as nursing, sewing and making clothing, hunting, brewing among others would be useful to everyone and therefor should secure a safe living for anyone with the knowledge. Think about taking classes in first aid or sewing if you don’t want to garden or learn how to use firearms. Any skill you may use to trade or barter with would be very welcome if that time ever comes.

10 Skills That Every  Urban Survivalist Should Learn

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