100 Hour Burn Time Emergency Candles DIY Project

The web site that shared this has disappeared. What you have to do if fill a mason jar with lamp oil or you can use olive oil. Poke a small hole in the lid to hold the wick. (The easiest is to use fiberglass wicks)Insert the wick and let it absorb some of the oil. Then light the wick.

Having at least a few different alternative lighting sources in case of an emergency is wise.

I personally have flashlights, headlamps, these one hundred hour mason jar candle and beeswax candles.

Yes, we use these items in our everyday life as well… they just don’t sit in a box waiting to be used.

If the item breaks or is used up then we replace it so we are always stocked in case of a disaster.

photo credit keelefishel.com
photo credit keelefishel.com