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How to Extract Delicious Fresh Honey from Bee Hive Honey Frames

Skeffling Lavender Farm
Skeffling Lavender Farm

Skeffling shares the step by step process of how to extract honey from bee hive honey frames.

The whole process is actually amazing to see in person if you ever get the opportunity I recommended.

It is exciting to see the honey pouring out of the extractor while enjoying the unique smell of beeswax.Continue Reading

Waist High Planter Box

What a great planter box. It big enough to grow you salad makings in and high enough to take any strain out of gardening. Very nice. Midnight maker  has the instructions over on Instructables. With a couple of these you could grow some great foods.   Continue Reading

Cabinet DIY completed and tutorial

Totally awesome use of wasted space at the side of the fridge. Learning to be me has found a way to use that space and use it well with their rolling storage shelf. So neat, I want one on both sides of the fridge. I love it.  Continue Reading