Building a Vardo Wagon Tiny Home – With Plans

Building a Vardo Wagon Home – Tiny Home With Plans

This detailed step by step tutorial of how to build a Vardo wagon tiny home project shares free plans to inspire you to build your own.  This small vardo wagon that can be pulled behind a vehicle and is quite amazing so come take a tour inside.

It has a sleeping area, wood stove, storage and really everything you may need…..

paleotool - instructables
paleotool – instructables

There are so many pictures of the inside of the vardo wagon it is like you actually are there and were welcomed in to explore. This in one of the most generously kind Do It Yourself picture tutorials that I had the please of viewing….Thank you Paleotool for sharing your achievement.


Click here for view and be be amazed at how to create this project:

The original creator can be found here:

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