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DIY Pallet Wood Ceiling – Perfect For Den Cabin Or Boys Room

Nice tutorial for putting in a pallet wood ceiling. If you like the rustic look of pallet wood and would like it as a ceiling this will show you how its done along with before and after photos. This ceiling is in a boys room but this could work great in a den or a cabin, might even work for a basement ceiling. Since you can get the pallets free or very cheap you could really save by using them to create a new rustic looking ceiling.

Maple Leaves Sycamore Trees shares the pictorial for this pallet wood ceiling so you can see how to diy at your place. I think it would probably look good painted as well. If you need to take pallets apart for you diy pallet projects you might like this Pallet Dismantling Tool. In this pallet ceiling I believe he just used a saw to cut the boards free but if you need to take some pallets apart this tool can be very handy.


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Tweaking A Fixer Upper

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Look at this Homesteader’s Patio Privacy Screen

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