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Dec 08

Homemade Deep Water Hydroponic System for $35

Gardening Friends

This homemade deep water hydroponic system for $35 dollars (or about) is another method of gardening. This method using this system can double in size of your seedlings in just a couple days. After watching this amazing video, it looks like something a person could do fairly easy and  start to harvest times are a …

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Sep 08

The Better Bell Siphon

photo credit web4deb

web4deb shares a cool idea for a bell siphon for your aquaponics beds.

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Aug 21

Aquaponic System Install 3 Part video

photo credit Web4deb

Nice videos showing how the aquaponic system was set up in a geodesic dome. Web4deb shares the videos. Very interesting.

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Jun 27

Family Friendly Urban Aquaponics Project

photo credit Justine Williams

We have seen a lot of different aquaponics set ups but this one Milkwood is my all time favorite. I love the way it looks and the way it is integrated right into the kids playhouse. Instead of looking like an industrial set up with 55 gallon drums this is actually really beautiful.

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May 11

Build a Backyard Aquaponic System for a Year-Round Food Supply + PDF of The IBC Of Aquaphonics

photo credit backyardaquaponics

Great DIY project to make IBC  crates into an aquaponics system. Back yard aquaponics shows you how in this article on Truth is treason. These is also a downloadable pdf of the manual IBC of Aquaponics which looks like it would have a lot of info for any one interested in aquaponics. 

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Apr 13

On To Aquaponics

photo credit

Great article on aquaponics from Graceful homesteading. They have a pretty nice pictorial on their set up.  They tell us ” The best reason for using this kind of system is for sustainable and conservative use of water and for growth of vegetables and fish.  It is traditionally used in areas that have little rainfall …

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Apr 04

Basement Aquaponics & Raising Tilapia

Freestyle farm

Freestyle Farm website shares one of the most amazing articles on a working Aquaponic system with tons of excellent pictures. Growing vegetables and raising Tilapia in perfect balance working together. They are very open about the different experiments they have tried… successes and mistakes – with ways to correct them. The whole website is amazing, …

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