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Homemade Wood Pallet Wheeled Planter Project

Homemade Wood Pallet Wheeled Planter Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homemade wood pallet wheeled planter project is wonderful hands on do it yourself building gardening project.

Having room for our own gardens and flowerbeds may not always be something most of us can enjoy. Some of us live in small apartments, some have tiny yards with little sunlight, and others, the lucky ones, have acres and acres.

No matter which one you fall into, you can have your own little garden or flowerbed that can move along with you from place to place to achieve perfect sun exposure. Literally, move with you since it actually has wheels on it. Sounds intriguing, right? Though it’s not the newest invention for planters to have bases with wheels, the design below is unique because it gives you a square planter with plenty of space to have your very own garden in it.

Homemade Wood Pallet Wheeled Planter Project
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How to Make a Reservoir Bin Container Garden

This easy step by step tutorial of how to make a reservoir bin container garden helps save water by delivering the water right to the roots of the plant. Backyard gardening has become very popular these days with more and more people looking to eat healthier. Another reason for people looking to grow their own…Continue Reading

They Turned A Pool Into Self-sufficient System That Feeds The Family

When these folks bought their house it came with an in ground pool that needed work. Instead of fixing the pool for swimming they turned it into a self sufficient ecosystem that feeds the family with 8 eggs per day, unlimited talapia and plenty of fruits and veggies. With all the drought going on out…Continue Reading