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Old Fashioned Blacksmith Techinque of Making a Thousand Nails

This step by step tutorial of an old fashioned blacksmith technique of making a thousand nails is a self sufficiency skill a homesteader can benefit from.

If you look out at a city and you see all the glistening lights shining inside all the buildings, what’s the one thing you know you could find inside each structure? Well, there are probably several different things you could find in all of them, but one building material that you could find is nails.

Nails have been used throughout time to hold things together. Evolving from rough, wooden pegs to the simple metal nail that you would recognize today, nails have always been around when it comes to construction.

While most people are perfectly fine with running to a hardware store to pick up the nail supplies they need, there are those who want to not only make nails, but to perfect the art. Making nails may not seem a complicated concept, but truly perfecting it is said to take time. And, you’ll need very specific tools and space to do these, but if you have them, all you need is a little practice.

For this tutorial, you’ll need the following items:

– Forge
– Anvil
– Hammer
– Tongs
– Hot Cut or Hardy
– Square Metal Punch
– File
– Oil
– Flux
– ¾” sq x 6” Iron Bar
– 1”x2”2×1/4” Steel Plate
– ¼” Iron Drawn Wire

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Old Fashioned Blacksmith Techinque of Making a Thousand Nails
Old Fashioned Blacksmith Techinque of Making a Thousand Nails

Once you have these items, you can follow this tutorial to give you a very clear idea of what you need to make the perfect nail. With a little practice, you’ll have your own nails in no time!

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