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Dealing With Cinch Bugs

If you have had a drier than normal summer and are seeing dried patches in your lawn like the one in the picture, you may have cinch bugs. Cinch bugs are small black bus with white wings, The bite and suck the sap out of the grass and other plants. They usually only appear where…Continue Reading

Send The Gophers Packing

If gophers are driving you crazy there are things you can do to send them packing. If you try to make them leave and that doesn’t work, unfortunately you may need to resort to poisoning them. The only good thing about doing that is they die underground so you won’t have to deal with the…Continue Reading

Build a Homemade Mosquito Killing Trap

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homemade mosquito killing trap draws them into their death. Mosquitoes carry many different diseases that can be transferred to humans, horses and even dogs. If there’s one thing pretty much anyone can agree on, it’s that mosquitoes are annoying and can be distracting. In places…Continue Reading