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Mike Oehler And His 50 Dollar Underground House – Take The Tour

In this video you will get to tour the underground houses that Mike built in Idaho after he decided to get back to the land in the late 60’s. He first built a small cabin but says he nearly froze in winter so he then built his 50 dollar underground house. He added on to it and built another one later and now has built what he calls an earth integrated house. The newest house has earth behind it and partially over but it has the front at ground level and it is not underground so there is lots of light. In his underground houses he was very smart in stacking windows to get the most sunlight possible into the house.

He felt you needed light from at least two sides in every room. This is really interesting to see how he built them. He says underground is the best way to go because it keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer. In the original house he had what he called the barbeque window where he could stand inside the house in summer while barbequing through the window and stay cool and in the winter he could do the same while staying warm.

He even wrote a book sharing all sorts of info for others that might be interested in building an underground house called The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book. I think it is amazing that he dug all these underground houses out of the hillside by hand with just a shovel. Underground is probably even more appealing today for folks looking to get off the grid and out of sight. Kirsten Dirksen shares the video on youtube.

Kirsten Dirksen
Kirsten Dirksen


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Rainwater Harvesting Off Grid

Great video of harvesting rainwater in an off grid environment. By catching the rain on a 300 square foot metal roof and having it go into a 2000 gallon plastic tank this fellow  has been providing water to his home and for his family for 20 years. It seems a very simple set up. The…Continue Reading