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Off The Grid Batch Solar Water Heater Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build an off the grid batch solar water heater project is a self sufficiency element to add to your homestead.

Using scrap pieces to create something that helps the environment is a great way to help the earth and also lower electric costs. If this sounds like something you want to do, you’ll love this tutorial. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a solar water heater that you can use to warm batches of water. It’s a great way to heat water that you bathe in or, as one of the commenters says below the tutorial, to fill a pool with warm water.

Building any type of solar equipment can be difficult, which is why it’s great that this tutorial takes all the guess work out of it for you. It gives clear steps and even pictures for how to complete this project. While it might take a few people or a few days to complete, in the end, you’ll have a great way to heat water that doesn’t depend on electricity.

The items you’ll need for this project are:

– Double Glazed Sliding Glass Door
– Old Water Heater Tank
– Plywood
– Foam Insulation
– Rustoleum
– Stain or Primer and Paint
– Steel Plugs
– Latex
– Drywall Screws
– Wood Screws
– Copper Pipe and Cap
– Steel Pipe
– JBWeld
– Teflon Pipe Tape

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Off The Grid Batch Solar Water Heater Project
Off The Grid Batch Solar Water Heater Project

While it seems like an extensive list and maybe even a bit overwhelming, the guide is very clear. The supply list gives specifics on lengths/sizes of the supplies you’ll need.

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