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Huge Garden Tower 2 Giveaway For Homesteaders

Huge Garden Tower 2 Giveaway For Homesteaders

This huge garden tower 2 giveaway for homesteaders is just for The Homestead Survival loyal readers. A garden tower is a compact gardening container that can grow strawberries, lettuce, herbs, rainbow chard, kale, edible flowers and even cabbage all in a small vertical space.

What a great gardening tool for gardeners with bad backs or in wheel chairs.

FIRST PRIZE: Garden Tower 2 + $25 Gift card to Uncle Jims Worm Farm + $50 Gift Card to Heirloom

Organic Seed provider

SECOND PRIZE: a Garden Tower 2  (359$ value)

THIRD PRIZE (25 winners!): $100 web store discount towards a Garden Tower 2

Huge Garden Tower 2 Giveaway For Homesteaders


– It ROTATES! The entire body turns easily for access and light control
– 6 cubic feet of soil capacity & 4.5 gallon compost chamber support 50 vegetable plants on your patio, deck, porch, or balcony
– Organic, fresh, and nutritious food nearly anywhere
– 100% food-grade HDPE plastic is completely free of BPA, PVC, or toxic additives
– The Garden Tower is the Ultimate Patio Farm
– Over 9,000 Garden Towers are in use today
– Save an additonal $60 on the GT2 for the Holidays (scroll down)

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Huge Garden Tower 2 Giveaway For Homesteaders
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There will be multiple winners selected and some alternative prizes offered so please share (ask your friends to enter for you!).
Winners will be contacted by email and announced by first name and state of residence only for privacy. Winners will be announced on Jan 1st, 2016 on Facebook.

World’s Most Advanced Container Garden

The 50-plant composting container garden for organic patio farming by Garden Tower Project

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

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