How to Clean Your Dog After a Skunk Spray

How to get the smell of skunk spray off your dog:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl:

2 cups Hydrogen Peroxide

1/8 cup Baking Soda

2  teaspoons of Dawn liquid dish soap

Apply to your dog’s dry coat ( while wearing latex gloves) and let the solution stay on the dog’s hair for 15 to 20  minutes, rinse very well and repeat, if needed.

Be careful NOT to put this solution in the dog’s eyes or on their nose… it will sting.

You need to cover every inch of your dog’s hair ( once again not the eyes or the nose ) to get rid of the oily skunk odor.

You will most likely have to repeat unless your dog was only sprayed lightly by the skunk.

Do not store this solution.

Make fresh each time.

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