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Oct 12

His and Her Bug Out Bags – Suggestions for Light Carry

Tech Prepper

Tech Prepper website shares a list for his and her light carry bug out bags. They have incorporated additional supplies in their vehicle but if they were forced to go on foot this is what they have chose as their last resort supplies. Every person’s Bug Out Bag is customized to their personal needs and …

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Oct 08

S.C.A.R.E. KITS Social Chaos and Response Emergency Kits

photo credit dirttime.com

Dirttime shares what you might want to have in a s.c.a.r.e. kit that can then go in your emergency survival bag. This is a kit that you would kep handy at all times for in case violence or chaos were to happen around you.

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Oct 07

Multiuse paracord hammock in a Nalgene

photo credit survivalman

Survivalman has a nice tutorial on Instructables for a hammock in a nalgene bottle. Nice idea for a bug out bag or backpack. He shows how to make the hammock out of paracord. The hammock could also be used to tie food up away from bears or other uses as well as used as a …

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Aug 26

Putting Together Your Everyday Carry Bag

inch survival

I.N.C.H Survival shares how to put together a everyday carry bag in case of a disaster. Every person’s everyday carry bag will be different customized to reflect the climate where a person lives, the contents will rotate during the four different seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) and type of area a …

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Jun 15

Packing Your Pet’s Evacuation Kit – Project


The Survival Mom website shares an article that will get you thinking how to customize and the packing of your pet’s evacuation kit.  Here is a helpful list to get you started in creating your pet’s emergency 72 hour kit ( Bug Out Bag ). If your pet is big enough and in good health …

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May 15

How to Make a Bug Out Bag

photo credit http://artofmanliness.com

How to Make a Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit. Art of manliness has great advice for making your bug out bag.   http://artofmanliness.com/2011/03/07/how-to-make-a-bug-out-bag-your-72-hour-emergency-evacuation-survival-kit/       Urban Survival Kit Deluxe for Four People 4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe Perfect Earthquake, Evacuation, Emergency Disaster Preparedness 72 Hour Kits for Home, Work or …

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May 08

12 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Bug Out Bag: Water and Hydration


Willow Haven Outdoor website shares an article about gather, filter and purify water and the importance of staying hydrated. You should become familiar with different methods without instructions so it becomes second nature during a stressful time you need it. Practice makes perfect.

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