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Feb 04

Long Term Food Storage Tracking.


Long Term Food Storage Tracking. Northern prepper shows how to keep track of expiring food in our pantries. Using free software to track the expiration of food stores.    

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Jan 25

Keep That Food or Toss it?

phot credit stilltasty.com

Want to know if something in your pantry or freezer is still good? Still Tasty can help, Just type in the food and they will tell you if it is still good or if you should toss it and even give you tips on how to make it last longer.  

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Oct 13

New Evidence on Expiration Dates

photo credit doomandbloom.net

When does medicine expire and is it good after that. Find out from Doom and Bloom in their excellent article explaining it to you. http://www.doomandbloom.net/2012/10/new-evidence-on-expiration-dates-2.html  

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