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Jul 28

Building Food Storage Pantry Recessed Shelving DIY Project

This insightful method of building food storage pantry recessed built in shelving is a DIY project that a resourceful homesteader could easily tackle. Recessed shelving is a great way to save space in a compact area while still being able to have room to store things. It is especially nice in a pantry, where you …

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Dec 31

3 Ways to Preserve Eggs and Milk for Long Term Food Storage

Here is a collection of 3 ways to preserve eggs and milk for long term food storage that will feed your family.  Many homesteaders often question how long dairy and egg products can be safely preserved over time and luckily we found the options. Freezing, pressure canning and dehydrating are subjects covered in the article …

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Dec 16

7 Slow Cooker Make Ahead Freezer Meals Food Storage

These 7 frugal slow cooker make ahead freezer meals are another great method of food storage that can be chosen for when you know your day is going to be busy. Let your slow cooker help you multi task, as it slowly simmers cooking it thoroughly over hours – you can get everything else done. …

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