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Jul 01

Dehydrating Foods For Long Term Use

Come learn the self sufficient skill of dehydrating foods for long term use in your homestead kitchen. Unless you live in an area that is conducive to growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables year round, you are subject to only being able to buy certain fruits and vegetables when they are in season. That …

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Jun 28

The Do’s and Don’t of Wild Food Foraging

With the wide variety of pre-packaged foods available, most of us are not even aware that provision items can be search for in our own vicinity. Foraging, which was once a common part of our ancestor’s lives but now with the modern culture and the developing supermarkets, the trend has faded away. However, recently with …

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Jun 23

Emergency Preparedness 72 Hour Food Vehicle Kit

No matter what part of the country you live in, it is important to always be prepared. If you are out and about in your car and something happens, you would rather be able to have food to help you stay nourished for however long you are out there. Even if you do not use …

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Jun 14

Build a Homesteading Solar Food Dehydrator

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homesteading solar food dehydrator can use the sun’s powerful rays to remove moisture from fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Evenly thinly sliced fruits and vegetables that are generously spaced apart upon removable trays will shrink over a period of hours. All the materials you need …

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Jun 06

Growing Amaranth as a Homesteading Cereal Food Grain

There is plenty of attention towards amaranth, but why? Although tiny in size, the tan-colored seeds bring lots of nutrition that is unrivaled among cereal grains. It is an inexpensive crop that can be cultivated by homesteaders in rural areas for a handful of reasons. It is easily harvested, simple to cook and grow very …

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May 28

Making Homemade One Pack Backpacking Meals and Snacks

This quick tutorial on making homemade one pack backpacking meals and snacks is excellent for simple meals for hiking, camping, your 72 hour kit, bug out bag and emergency kit for your vehicle. Many more people are looking to the great outdoors for better health and relaxation these days. Whether you are interested in day …

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