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Sep 14

Repackaging Foods For Long Term Storage

Learn how to repackage foods for long-term storage. Your food has enemies, they are air, pests,humidity, heat and light so if you wish to store food for the long-term it will need to be repackaged after you bring it home. In this article there is a list of over 20 food items you can store …

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Sep 10

Is That Dented Can OF Food Safe?

You reach into the cabinet and pull out a can of something to go with dinner and the can is dented. I know it wasn’t dented when you put it in there. Not me and I don’t know live at my house too. Any way, can you still use the food in the can if …

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Sep 07

Tips for Proper Rotation of Food Storage Pantry

These simple tips for proper rotation of your food storage pantry will help organize, guide through rotating and replenishing your inventory. Food storage rotation is simply the action of rotating the food storage you have now into your daily cooking and baking needs then replacing it with newer items. Rotation helps you circulate out and …

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Sep 02

31 Conversions To Healthify Your Food

Here are 31 conversions to more clean eating healthier food, why you should, and the benefits of these changes. Now of course, the “why” is an easy answer: To prolong and ensure a healthy lifestyle. Since you’re looking at this article, obviously you have interest in converting to a healthy lifestyle, which will keep yourself …

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Aug 25

Which Roots Will You Harvest This Fall

So many free wild food foraging roots to choose from in all ares to help lower your family’s food costs this fall. You can forage for parsley root, nettle root, rhubarb root, dandelion root, ginseng root, horseradish root and sassafras root among others out there. Fall is the best time to harvest these roots because …

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Jul 29

Food Storage Calculator

A food storage calculator is a convenient prepping tool for people who are interested in creating a customized list of the basic staples of food storage. It is based upon the number of people in the family, level of daily energy requirements and the length of time to feed family on stored food. Click here …

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