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Apr 19

Bringing a Food Storage Dry Pack Cannery Machine Home

This simple look into bringing a food storage dry pack cannery machine home gives homesteaders the ability to package bulk food in #10 cans. The food storage cannery aka (home storage centers) operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC as well, allowing people to shop. You can …

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Apr 16

Cast Iron Campfire Cuisine Collection of Recipes

Cast iron campfire cuisine collection of recipes are easy to cook in the wilderness or even right in your own kitchen. Scouting magazine held a recipe contest “Camp Food Favorites” in which 350 readers entered entrées, side dishes, and desserts recipes. Ten of the very best hand picked recipes are shared: Entrées: Seafood Jambalaya Blade …

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Apr 07

Delicious Jumokbap Snack Cake Rice Balls

This delicious Jumokbap snack cake rice balls is a traditional dish with many variations that is simple and frugal to make. There is two recipes you can follow to make different flavored rice balls to snack upon. Honestly any cooked meat and vegetable leftovers can be diced, blended into rice and then rolled into balls. …

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Mar 26

Canning Tropically Exotic Pineapple Jam

Canning this tropically exotic Pineapple jam is a bright colorful delicious addition to your food storage pantry shelves that you can enjoy year round. Once you try this scrumptious pineapple jam that can be made frugally, cheaper than you can find in the grocery store if you are lucky enough to find it at all. …

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Mar 16

Wild Food Foraging for Ramps Spring Onions Wild Leeks

Wild food foraging for ramps, spring onions, wild leeks are actually one in the same plant just by many different names. Did you know that there is a HUGE amount of different plants you can eat and taste great that people bypass every day without recognizing they are wasting food ? Yes, let’s fight world …

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Mar 06

Let’s Make Scrambled Egg Pizza

Let’s Make Scrambled Egg Pizza is a frugal terrific meal that can feed a whole family at any time of day! Use homemade pizza dough made from scratch or if your short on time time you can use Pillsbury classic pizza crust. Customize it to your family’s taste buds with their favorite toppings along with …

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