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Jan 24

What Is In A Meal Ready To Eat MRE

Many people who are interested in emergency preparedness have asked what is in a meal ready to eat otherwise known as a MRE and what do they taste like. I have to say that the detailed review of the MRE’s is pretty accurate and documented through pictures. My husband and I have tried over 15 …

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Jan 21

Esquites, A Delicious Corn Salad From Mexico

     In Mexico there are street vendors selling all sorts of food that you can eat as you walk along. Some sell tacos or other well know Mexican foods. A lot sell fruits and aquas frescas (juice drinks like  watermelon and other fresh fruits) Some sell pastries called pan which is usually eaten at breakfast …

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Jan 08

Lemon Orange and Ginger Marmalade Canning Recipe

This delicious Lemon Orange and Ginger Marmalade canning recipe is favorite of homesteaders that want to fill their food storage pantry with gourmet homemade food that their family will cherish. Wow, this is multi layered sweet spread flavors that is like a burst of sunshine on a piece of golden brown toast. Sweet yet tart …

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Jan 07

Chocolate Chip Cookies Freezer Balls

Here is an amazing way to create Chocolate Chip Cookies Freezer Balls for freezer food storage. If you are a homesteading cook that likes to spend a an afternoon pre-planning, chopping, mixing and packaging a batch of freezer meals to save time and money… then you are going to just love this idea. Whip up …

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Jan 03

Edible Agave Americana Wild Food Foraging

Wild food foraging offers an wide selection of food growing in the wild including the edible Agave Americana. Agave Americana is as known by the names: century plant, maguey or American aloe. It typically lives about 10 to 30 years, it has a spread of about 4 ft with gray green leaves up to 2 …

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Dec 31

3 Ways to Preserve Eggs and Milk for Long Term Food Storage

Here is a collection of 3 ways to preserve eggs and milk for long term food storage that will feed your family.  Many homesteaders often question how long dairy and egg products can be safely preserved over time and luckily we found the options. Freezing, pressure canning and dehydrating are subjects covered in the article …

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