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Feb 25

How To Build A Frugal Strawberry Tower With A Water Reservoir

This step by step tutorial of how to build a frugal Strawberry tower with a water reservoir is a great way to vertically grow strawberries. The planter can also grow herbs, succulents, flowers, peppers, lettuce, and much more in a small amount space. Growing delicious juicy strawberries all season long is made simple with this …

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Feb 24

15 Secrets to Saving Money on Amazon

These 15 secrets to saving money on Amazon are actually quite fabulous and really can help get free or low cost items for the frugal shoppers. No, this is not a commercial for Amazon but it is a guide showing Amazon shoppers how to get the most out of their money in ways I never …

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Feb 23

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Wings Seasoning Mason Jar Mix

This homemade buffalo chicken wings seasoning mason jar mix recipe is a frugal way to create your own bulk seasonings for a fraction of the cost without losing any deliciousness. All of these wonderfully blended spices fit perfectly into a pint size wide mouth mason jar with empty head space so you can shake before …

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Feb 20

Create an Inexpensive Brown Paper Bag Floor Technique

This step by step tutorial of how to create an inexpensive brown paper bag floor with this technique is a homesteader’s frugal remodeling option. Many people are embracing the art of self sufficiency and putting in the time, effort and energy of getting their hands dirty in do it yourself project. The materials needed for …

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Feb 05

Crock Pot Italian Pot Roast

This scrumptious Crock Pot Italian Pot Roast recipe is a easy frugal weeknight dinner for a family that has a busy schedule. Let your crockpot slowly cook your meal while you are multiple tasking doing other household chores and activities. I noticed in a post the other day that a bunch of you would like …

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Feb 04

Salad Mason Jar Lunch Recipes

These simple salad in a mason jar lunch recipes are a healthy and inexpensive option to bringing your own lunch.  They are portable, healthy, ridiculously easy to make, portion control and offers room for plenty of variety.  Add the salad dressing to the bottom of the mason jar and when you are ready to eat …

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