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Jan 26

Homemade Freezer Biscuits

This step by step tutorial of how to make homemade freezer biscuits recipe smells and taste  almost exactly like the kind your grandmother made…. delicious, buttery and flaky. The added convenience of the freezer biscuits being pre made and ready to be pulled out an bake individually or a large batch . You do not need …

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Jan 10

Ham and Cheese Egg Breakfast Casserole

This hearty ham and cheese egg breakfast casserole is  a creative twist on a yet simple oven baked pull apart Saturday morning brunch favorite.  You can customize this recipe with all your family’s favorite toppings.  Who else gets excited  when the toast, eggs, ham, and cheese are all in one place ? Ingredients for the …

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Jan 04

Homemade Frugal Cleaning Recipes

This collection of natural green homemade frugal cleaning recipes are very popular with homesteaders who are looking for safer ways to keep their homes clean without the use of harsh chemicals while saving money. This frugal homemade cleaner works great, is cheap, and can be made with things you probably already have at home. All …

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Dec 30

Civil War Frugal Tips and Suggestions

This interesting peek into the past shares Civil War frugal tips and suggestions of how so many people survived getting by with a small amount of supplies. Published in 1863, the Confederate Receipt Book contained more than 100 hints for making do with less during wartime. Here is all the tips for you to enjoy …

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Dec 26

15 Gluten Free Frugal Food Mixes

Here is a collection of 15 Gluten Free Frugal Mixes that you can make at home with bulk ingredients to save money and have a stocked food pantry. Gluten free boxed commercial mixes tend to be expensive, hard to find and sometimes lack being delicious but these 15 recipes can change that. These recipes are …

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Dec 25

8 Easy Crock Pot Freezer Meals

Here are 8 Easy Crock Pot Freezer Meals recipe of truly delicious dishes while saving money and time.  Buy bulk ingredients, slice and dice, measure and pour into a freezer one gallon zip lock bag.  Don’t forget to label with recipe name and temperatures for being cooked on low and high. Orange Chicken BBQ Spareribs …

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