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May 22

Healthy Gut Flora With A Prebiotic Herbal Remedy Recipe

Creating healthy gut flora with a prebiotic herbal remedy recipe will restore intestinal flora and eliminate constipation. Prebiotics are the support system to probiotics. Prebiotics – Prebiotics are non-digestible compounds found in the soluble fiber that cannot be digested by the human body. They are food for probiotics. The primary benefit of probiotics and prebiotics …

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Feb 21

Healing Herbal Remedies for Boils

These healing herbal remedies will help treat boils naturally without antibiotics with natural antiseptic, antibacterial and anti inflammation herbs. Boils are a skin infection that forms a hard pimple when white blood cells come to kill bacteria. Pus is formed under the skin as the battle rages to rid your skin of the harmful bacteria. …

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Dec 07

Home Blended Herbal Sleep Tea

Instead of spending money buying time to go to sleep tea blends that cost a lot because the blending is already done for you check out this recipe. You can blend your own herbal teas to get one that will help you go to sleep and at a fraction of the cost of the pre …

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Nov 28

Why Is Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics So Important

Many homesteaders are asking “Why Is Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics So Important” and the answer is with the rate of antibiotic resistant infections increasing  due to being over prescribed. For so long,  infectious organisms the antibiotics are designed to kill have adapted to them, making the drugs less effective.   Each year in the United …

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Nov 20

Get Rid Of Ringworm With These Herbal Remedies

  Ringworm is a fungal infections that is contagious so your toddlers may end up catching it at daycare or the kids at school may bring it home. While you can go to the doctor for medication to treat it you can also treat it at home the natural way with herbs. Rapid Home Remedies …

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Nov 03

Herb Tinctures of Adaptogens For Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief

Learn how to restore balance and health by using adaptogens. ( Per Chiro.org, An adaptogenic substance is one that demonstrates a nonspecific enhancement of the body’s ability to resist a stressor. The term was first introduced in 1947 by Russian scientist N.V. Lazarev to describe the unique action of a material claimed to increase nonspecific …

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