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Aug 30

Herbal Remedy For Ear Infections

If you or someone you love suffer from ear infections you know that it usually is a recurring thing. If it is your child you probably know it comes with fever and a lot of crying and even screaming from the pain. Here is a great healing oil that you can make at home. It …

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Aug 24

8 Herbs For Pneumonia

Find out which 8 herbs can help when you have pneumonia starting with turmeric. Turmeric can help your cough when you have pneumonia because it helps the inflammation. It has great properties as an anti inflammatory , anti viral and an anti bacterial all of which can be beneficial while getting over pneumonia. The cough …

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Nov 29

55 Best Herbal Remedies

photo credit herbalremediesinfo.com

Fantastic list of herbs and what remedies they are used for from Herbal Remedies Info. This is a great list with every thing from aloe vera to willow. For ailments that herbs will work for why not use them instead of pharmaceuticals.

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