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Jan 13

Delicious Homemade Lemonsicles

Do you remember the frozen treat called dreamsicle?  It was orange on the outside and had vanilla ice cream in the inside and it was really yummy. Do they even still make those? I haven’t had a dreamsicle in years. Those were really good but check out this recipe for lemonsicles. I have had lemon …

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Jan 08

Lemon Orange and Ginger Marmalade Canning Recipe

This delicious Lemon Orange and Ginger Marmalade canning recipe is favorite of homesteaders that want to fill their food storage pantry with gourmet homemade food that their family will cherish. Wow, this is multi layered sweet spread flavors that is like a burst of sunshine on a piece of golden brown toast. Sweet yet tart …

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Jan 06

Lemon Basil Natural All Purpose Cleaning Spray

This amazing lemon basil natural all purpose cleaning spray is a wonderful way to clean your home without harsh fumes or residue. Spray the soiled surface, allowing the all purpose cleaning spray to penetrate grease, grime and dirt then wipe away. The natural properties of lemon peel helps cut the grease and dirt while the …

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Jan 02

Lemon Sugar Exfoliating Skin Scrub

This fabulous Lemon Sugar Exfoliating Skin Scrub recipe not only cleans and moisturizes but it brings out the natural healthy glow of nourished skin. It is simple and inexpensive to make this sugar scrub.  With only 3 ingredients – Coconut oil, sugar and a lemon – you can create an uplifting and energizing bath/ shower …

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Dec 30

Homemade Lemon Truffles With While Chocolate

If you love both lemon and white chocolate you need this recipe. These truffles contain both of those ingredients plus butter and heavy cream. I took one look and started drooling. I love lemon and these sound amazing. OMG Chocolate Desserts shares this recipe. Hers calls for lemon extract and in the comments folks are …

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Nov 22

Homemade Raw Cashew Lemon Drops Recipe

If you are in the mood for a light dessert that is made from raw ingredients and you like both lemon and cashews this is the one. Delicious lemons,cashews and dates go together to create a chewy lemony ball of yum.    Healthful Pursuit shares this recipe and she says they are good if you …

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