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May 14

Lemon Ricotta Strawberry Pie with Poppy Seed Shortbread Crust

Come taste this wonderful recipe of lemon ricotta strawberry pie with poppy seed shortbread crust that is a delight to taste and well as look upon. The zesty flavor and smooth texture of this dessert is a surprising simple to make. What’s the difference between ricotta pie and cheesecake? Honestly, it is just a lighter …

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Apr 28

Lemon Eucalyptus Toilet Fizzy Cleaning Tablets

This step by step tutorial of how to make Lemon Eucalyptus toilet fizzy cleaning tablets recipe is a great way to refresh and get out stubborn stains in the water swirling porcelain throne. Toilets are an important part of any family’s bodily waste removal routine and there needs extra care to keep it bacteria free. …

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Apr 06

Light And Fluffy Ricotta Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

      The perfect lemon cheesecake. This recipe is so much better than the super sweet lemon meringue pie we are all used to eating. The ricotta makes it lighter and fluffier and with the lemon zest in both the crust and the filling you still get all the lemon flavor without the super sweetness. I …

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Mar 04

Lemon Lime Chia Seed Fresca Drink

Lemon Lime Chia Seed Fresca drink recipe is a delicious refreshing drink that just makes you feel better and should be part of any clean eating menu plan. I have to admit that I include this beverage in my morning breakfast meal because it creates a feeling of being satisfyingly full and I have fewer …

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Feb 24

Baked Wonton Cups With Lemon Lime Curd Filling

Aren’t these baked wonton cups with lemon lime curd filling the prettiest dessert? I love how pretty and different they are. For any celebration or special meal these would make a great dessert. Perfect for spring like Easter ( They remind me of Daffodils).  Little Miss Celebration shares the recipe for them. I think these …

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Jan 13

Delicious Homemade Lemonsicles

Do you remember the frozen treat called dreamsicle?  It was orange on the outside and had vanilla ice cream in the inside and it was really yummy. Do they even still make those? I haven’t had a dreamsicle in years. Those were really good but check out this recipe for lemonsicles. I have had lemon …

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