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Nov 28

Preppers: A new title for an old tradition

Image by Nina Lee, 1952, Courtesy of LIFE Magazine

Author Kate Schell published an article on the Lebanon Express website about how the term “Preppers” is just a new title for an old tradition. The author is not a prepper but she does see the value of self reliance even if the tone of her article is a little flippant.

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Sep 07

Prepper & SHTF Communications 2 Way Radio Frequencies


Prep For SHTF website has created an infograph about communications for a two way radio frequencies. This is an essential tool that can be life saving in emergency disasters situations. This tool is perfect for providing local-area two-way amateur communications.

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Jul 19

35 Excuses That Will Doom The Non-Prepper


Shtf Plan website shares 35 excuses that people are not preparing for a natural disaster or economic collapse. For each excuse, the article shares the disaster reality of what people will face and how it most likely will effect their lives. Reality can be uncomfortable but as adults it is our responsibility to prepare for …

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Jul 03

10 Prepper Dads You Should Check Out: They Might Just Change Your Life

photo credit prepared-housewives.com

Prepared housewives has done a nice round up of prepper dad websites. For new preppers or even preppers that have been at it a while check out these dads. I follow most of them myself. We have even shared some of their posts here and they really do know their stuff.

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Feb 04

10 Skills Every Survivalist Should Learn


What skill would you add to this list ?

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Jan 30

Does Being A Homesteader Make You A Default Prepper ?

sunshine sisters farms

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