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Apr 25

Peach and Sweet Potato Smoothie Recipe

Peach and sweet potato smoothie recipe is nutritious delicious combination of fruits and a sweet tasting root vegetable that is an energy pick me up. Sweet potatoes provide a satisfying sweetness but won’t spike your blood sugar. Packed with nutrients like beta carotene, Vitamins C and A, protein, and fiber … you can’t help feel …

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Apr 24

Coffee Hair Rinse Natural Beauty Recipe for Brunettes

Coffee hair rinse natural beauty recipe for brunettes can do wonders for hair to help it grow, achieve deep luster shine and a more intensive tone to brown hair. The caffeine helps to increase circulation thus stimulating the hair for faster growth and increase thickness. The rich anti oxidants helps to repair damage and prevent …

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Apr 18

Moscato Peach Wine Slushies

Use your blender to make Moscato Peach Wine Slushies, a delicious boozy drink to pass around a cocktail party, summertime barn wedding, book club, bachelorette party or just sitting on your back porch as the sun sets. Three ingredients and fifteen minutes later, a golden delicious concoction that is cruise ship quality will be ready …

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Apr 16

Make Savory Caprese Bread

Savory Caprese bread recipe is amazingly delicious creative twist on a traditional Italian favorite. Baked golden brown, stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese, chopped fresh basil and sun dried tomatoes… each slice is a kaleidoscope of color and flavor. You can use slices of this wonderful bread to make a hearty sandwich or just drizzle it …

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Apr 15

Boccone Dolce a Classic Italian Dessert

Making Boccone Dolce, a classic Italian dessert is generally reserved for special occasions because of the amount of time and effort involved in it’s beautiful creation. Great recipes take time and I truly believe a small amount of affection for the people lucky enough to enjoy a slice. The crunchy meringue layers contrast delightfully with …

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Apr 13

Savory Sweet Chocolate Pasta Recipe

Savory sweet chocolate pasta recipe is a delicious culinary adventurous that can be a meal or a dessert.   Chocolate pasta is not sweet, but its chocolate flavor is pronounced. Chocolate pasta can be used in a sweet dessert recipe, much to the delight of everyone. As quoted by Cathi Iannone from The Brooklyn Ragazza blog …

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