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Clean Eating Collard Greens Lunch Wraps

Clean eating Collard Greens lunch wraps is not only delicious but has a wide array of texture, taste and smell. This recipe is dedicated to giving an delicious option towards creating a healthy diet in your lives. Collard greens wraps has a strong paleo flavor directing you towards a healthy living. For instance, up till now you might have been totally stranger to the word “Collard Green Wraps” which actually is a much better alternative of lettuce leaves wrapping.

Gather these ingredients:

Grilled Chicken Breasts



English cucumber


Mint Leaves

Collard Leaves

It can hold plenty of stuffing in the wrap but is a complete package of health beauty and deliciousness. These steps are also aided by the pictures making it much simpler for you and you would also have cleared idea of all the ingredients as well as the end product.

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Clean Eating Collard Greens Lunch Wraps
Clean Eating Collard Greens Lunch Wraps


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