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Apr 01

Curing Parasites With Natural Ingredients


If a disaster ever occurred and there were no doctors or medications available here are a few natural ways to cure parasites. In a bad situation hygiene would be compromised due to possibly no clean water and it wouldn’t take long for folks to get infected with these parasites. It is nice to know that …

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Jan 25

Home Remedies for Eye care (including pink eye and stye’s)


Nice post with some all natural remedies for eye problems. From compresses to eye washes you can find help for pink eye and styes and eye wash for irritated eyes. Urban Prepper Chick shares recipes and advice for all these eye problems.

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Dec 31

3 Homemade Remedies, Cough,Congestion and Sore Throat


Its that time of year. The kids are bringing every malady know to man home from school so everyone can share. We are all shut in due to the cold weather and it seems like what ever is going around keeps on going around. Small Footprint Family shares three different recipes for remedies to help …

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Dec 16

10 Herbs for Fibromyalgia

Herbs background pic © Jag_cz - Fotolia.com

If you or someone you know suffers from fibromyalgia you may find something in this list of herbs that will help. Herbs Info shares a list of ten diffrent herbs that are thought to be helpful for folks suffering from it.

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Oct 13

Alternative Ways To Treat Arthritis

photo credit zenattitudewellness.com

ZenAttitudes shares a few ways to help the pain in your knees from arthritis.

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Sep 27

The Antibiotic properties Of Cinnamon

photo credit undergroundmedic.com

Underground Medic has written a great article with lots of research into how well cinnamon works as an antibiotic. It seems that it even works as an antibiotic for chickens too.

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Sep 26

Best Home Remedies For Poor Circulation

photo credit searchherbalremedy.com

Best Home Remedies For Poor Circulation. If you have poor circulation check out this article from Search Herbal Remedy. They offer a variety of remedies ranging from certain essential oils and herbs to some vegetables that can help improve circulation.

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