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Sep 06

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, here are a few things that can help.    I have managed to have some success with oil of oregano to at least keeping all that nasal congestion from turning into sinus infections by taking 2 capsules every day.    Oregano has both antibiotic and antivirus properties. To help control …

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Aug 24

8 Herbs For Pneumonia

Find out which 8 herbs can help when you have pneumonia starting with turmeric. Turmeric can help your cough when you have pneumonia because it helps the inflammation. It has great properties as an anti inflammatory , anti viral and an anti bacterial all of which can be beneficial while getting over pneumonia. The cough …

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Jun 13

Natural Bug Bite Balm Recipe

Ah summer, it has arrived and along with it the bugs. If you are one of the lucky folks that mosquitos just love to nosh on check out this recipe for a natural bug bite balm to help soothe those itchy red lumps. A few simple fragrant ingredients and a little time to prepare and …

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Jun 10

How To Make A Salt Sock For Ear Aches

I had never seen this remedy for earache before but I tried it a couple weeks ago and it really does help ease the pain. The how to make a salt sock is offered by Patchogue Chiropratic who also suggests getting an adjustment for the ear infection and ache. I think mine was from being …

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Apr 01

Curing Parasites With Natural Ingredients


If a disaster ever occurred and there were no doctors or medications available here are a few natural ways to cure parasites. In a bad situation hygiene would be compromised due to possibly no clean water and it wouldn’t take long for folks to get infected with these parasites. It is nice to know that …

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Jan 25

Home Remedies for Eye care (including pink eye and stye’s)


Nice post with some all natural remedies for eye problems. From compresses to eye washes you can find help for pink eye and styes and eye wash for irritated eyes. Urban Prepper Chick shares recipes and advice for all these eye problems.

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