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Feb 28

Quick And Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Salad

If you need a fancy dessert that can be ready to serve in about an hour this is a must have addition to your recipes. So easy to make because it uses pudding mix, frozen whipped topping, yogurt and fresh strawberries and bananas (although it is even better if you make your own whipped cream …

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Feb 04

Salad Mason Jar Lunch Recipes

These simple salad in a mason jar lunch recipes are a healthy and inexpensive option to bringing your own lunch.  They are portable, healthy, ridiculously easy to make, portion control and offers room for plenty of variety.  Add the salad dressing to the bottom of the mason jar and when you are ready to eat …

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Jan 21

Esquites, A Delicious Corn Salad From Mexico

     In Mexico there are street vendors selling all sorts of food that you can eat as you walk along. Some sell tacos or other well know Mexican foods. A lot sell fruits and aquas frescas (juice drinks like  watermelon and other fresh fruits) Some sell pastries called pan which is usually eaten at breakfast …

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Jan 17

Delicious Cabbage Almond Noodle Salad

This delicious cabbage almond noodle salad recipe is will outdo your expectations because the way the ingredients blend in flavor and texture.  It was sweet, tangy, crunchy with the refreshing fresh cabbage flavor that just ties it all together.  The bowl is always licked clean at potlucks! Ingredients for Salad: 1/2 head of a medium …

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Aug 23

Amazing Cornbread Salad

Have you seen how expensive bacon is getting in the stores? The packages have shrunk untill the is not even a good amount in them. Not a pound anymore thats for sure. So if I have to pay for bacon like its gold I need to find someway special to serve it. Plain ole bacon …

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Jul 10

Amazing Antipasto Salad Kabobs Recipe

Amazing Antipasto Salad Kabobs Recipe This amazing antipasto salad kabobs recipe is a delicious traditional first course of a formal Italian meal but has been embraced by many Americans as an appetizer often served during warm weather. Traditional antipasto ingredients: Cured meats Olives Peperoncini Mushrooms Anchovies Artichoke hearts Various cheeses – provolone,mozzarella Pickled meats Vegetables …

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