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4 Sites Where You Can Barter For Things You Need

Sometimes we find our selves a little strapped for cash. As time goes on and prices keep rising on everything from food to housing we may find our selves even more strapped for cash. Here are four sites where you can barter or trade for things you want or need. The first site is for the avid book readers.  This one is called Paperback Swap and this is how it works.

“Trade Books with Our Online Book Swapping Club…

  • It’s easy: List books you’d like to swap with other club members.

  • Once a book is requested, mail it to the club member.

  • In return, you may choose from 4,017,132 available books!

– You pay postage for the books you send out; the books you receive come to you postage-paid.
– Books you request are yours to keep, or swap again!

We’re NOT just Paperback Books! Enjoy trading Hardbacks, Audio Books, Textbooks and more.”

4 Sites Where You Can Barter For Things You Need


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Basic Homesteading Skills to Teach Your Kids

Basic Homesteading Skills to Teach Your Kids

Homesteading, simply put, is self-sufficiency. Modern times, while having advanced tremendously, have brought about uncalled for implications in the form of a fast-paced life demanding the conformity of every individual in the society, debt woes, an un-ending restlessness for more and a dependency on what the corporate sector dishes out to mass consumers. In this…Continue Reading