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Jan 03

Huge List of Homesteading Skills to Learn

Have you always dreamed of Homesteading and learning all the skills it would take to make that dream happen ? Great news, you can build your homesteading skills anywhere you live while saving to buy the perfect piece of property to suit your family’s needs. It takes a long time to build the skills you …

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Jul 14

78 Skills Everyone Should Know Geared Towards A Survival Situation


How To Survive It websiteshare a list of seventy eight skills that could be helpful in a survival situation. As stated in the article, this is not a complete list but it is a start. What skills would you add to this list ?

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Mar 26

Skills That Pay the Bills: Self Employment for Homesteaders



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Mar 20

492 Alphabetical Meal In A Jar Mix Recipes – Some Gluten Free


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Mar 19

Budget Series: Frugal Living – Groceries


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Feb 13

How To Dehydrate Lemons

The Homestead Survival

There’s nothing better on a hot day than a refreshing drink of cold, crisp water infused with a dehydrated lemon and a slice of cucumber. Actually dehydrated lemons can have many uses: * Prefect in a cup of hot tea * Can be ground up to make tea or lemon seasoning * Placed on/in fish …

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