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Jul 19

How to Build a Padded Storage Ottoman Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a padded storage ottoman project is an amazingly resourceful way to turn what you have into something even better. Your effort towards building a do it yourself project that creates quality furniture is a self sufficient skill that can save you a lot of money over …

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Jun 24

Basic Homesteading Skills to Teach Your Kids

Homesteading, simply put, is self-sufficiency. Modern times, while having advanced tremendously, have brought about uncalled for implications in the form of a fast-paced life demanding the conformity of every individual in the society, debt woes, an un-ending restlessness for more and a dependency on what the corporate sector dishes out to mass consumers. In this …

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Jun 06

Emergency Preparedness Skills in a Catastrophic Disaster

Emergency preparedness skills in a catastrophic disaster can give your family a higher percentage of surviving a time of crisis with less upheaval. What would happen to you if there was a natural disaster in which you and your family were trapped in a strange environment? Have you ever wondered if you had the skills …

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Jun 02

Homeowner Survival Skills And Tips

If you own your home this is a great article to help you be prepared for 56 different scenarios that can come up when you can no longer call up the landlord. From tightening a stair balustrade to fixing curling wallpaper there is something for any home owner in her. A lot of the how …

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Mar 25

10 Skills That Every Urban Survivalist Should Learn

       There are skills that every adult should learn in order to be able to survive in case of a shtf scenario. So many folks have never grown a single garden plant and would have no clue how to even start much less provide for themselves and their families.      Back in the day if …

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Feb 17

Alaska Native Women Turn Fish Skins Into Clothing Material

This amazing look into how Alaska native women turn fish skins into clothing material is a primitive skill passed down for generations. As quoted from the article, “Salmon skin can be tougher than Gore-Tex or as soft as velvet. And everything you need to transform the scaly hide into a workable piece of clothing or …

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