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Jan 03

Huge List of Homesteading Skills to Learn

Have you always dreamed of Homesteading and learning all the skills it would take to make that dream happen ? Great news, you can build your homesteading skills anywhere you live while saving to buy the perfect piece of property to suit your family’s needs. It takes a long time to build the skills you …

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Jul 14

78 Skills Everyone Should Know Geared Towards A Survival Situation


How To Survive It websiteshare a list of seventy eight skills that could be helpful in a survival situation. As stated in the article, this is not a complete list but it is a start. What skills would you add to this list ?

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Mar 26

Skills That Pay the Bills: Self Employment for Homesteaders



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Mar 20

492 Alphabetical Meal In A Jar Mix Recipes – Some Gluten Free


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Mar 19

Budget Series: Frugal Living – Groceries


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Feb 13

How To Dehydrate Lemons

The Homestead Survival

There’s nothing better on a hot day than a refreshing drink of cold, crisp water infused with a dehydrated lemon and a slice of cucumber. Actually dehydrated lemons can have many uses: * Prefect in a cup of hot tea * Can be ground up to make tea or lemon seasoning * Placed on/in fish …

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Feb 09

10 Shooting Skills Every Gun Owner Must Know

photo credit guns.com

10 Shooting Skills Every Gun owner Must Know Owning a gun comes with responsibility, you must keep it locked away from children and you should clean it after shooting to prevent buildup in the barrel. You should also practice with it often to keep up to par. Guns gives us 10 skills we can learn …

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