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May 22

Canning Strawberry Rhubarb Champagne Jam

          I think a lot of folks that can have probably made strawberry rhubarb jam at some point and it is always very delicious. Well now it is time to bump that jam up a notch by adding champagne. Yes champagne in your jam, how sophisticated our jam will be. My Danish Kitchen shares the …

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May 14

Lemon Ricotta Strawberry Pie with Poppy Seed Shortbread Crust

Come taste this wonderful recipe of lemon ricotta strawberry pie with poppy seed shortbread crust that is a delight to taste and well as look upon. The zesty flavor and smooth texture of this dessert is a surprising simple to make. What’s the difference between ricotta pie and cheesecake? Honestly, it is just a lighter …

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May 05

Lip Smacking Good Strawberry Breakfast Pastries Recipe

Come enjoy this lip smacking good strawberry breakfast pastries recipe any old weekend not just at holiday brunches or other special occasions. Fresh sweet fruit, sweet cream cheese filling on top of a buttery toasted golden puff pastry melts in your mouth with every bite. Sprinkle with powered sugar, and eat slightly warm. You can …

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Apr 27

Make Strawberry Freezer Jam In The Crockpot

           Strawberries are showing up here in the stores and they are super sweet and totally delicious. While I can’t even get into my garden yet because it is a soggy and still partially frozen mess I can make some freezer jam in the crock pot with the berries from the store. The price is …

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Apr 24

Strawberries And Cream Roll Ups

         If you need a quick dessert or snack try these strawberry and cream cheese roll ups. Super quick to make, simple ingredients and easy instructions make this a good recipe to have on hand for those times when you just want something a little sweet that it simple and quick. These are filled then …

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Mar 30

Simple Homesteading Canning Strawberry Jam

Making a simple strawberry jam is one of the easiest ways to teach the homesteading self sufficiency food storage canning skills. Many homesteaders grow gardens that produce large harvests including strawberries, visit farmers markets or you pick strawberry fields which all result in fresh sweet strawberries to be preserved to enjoy all year long. Ingredients: …

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