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Jan 18

Purple Dead Nettle Pesto Pasta Primavera Wild Food Foraging Recipe

Dish N That website shares a delicious Pesto Pasta Primavera recipe using Purple Dead Nettle,  a wild food foraging plant that is only around for a limited amount of time. Hurry with this one — it does not stick around and will be gone before late spring! Lamium purpureum, is part of the mint family …

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Nov 03

Indian Cucumber Root – Wild Food Foraging


Wildwood Survival website shares how to identify Indian Cucumber Root and to avoid other plants that may look slightly similar. This plant can be dug up, washed off, sliced up and tossed into a salad or eaten by itself.  It can eaten cooked, like potatoes or marinated in vinegar. Wild food foraging not only reduces …

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Aug 21

Clover – Wild Food Foraging


Eat The Weeds website shares the history, identification, time of year it can be picked, environment and method of preparation. You have all spotted clover growing among the grass in your lawn so it is to find. Did you know it is actually part of the pea family ? Please read the paragraph in the …

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Jul 23

Cooking with Daylilies – Wild Food Foraging


Honest Food website shares how to cook with the common Daylily, hemerocallis fulva. By separating the parts of the daylily into flowers, buds, and tubers you can cook the different sections for different flavors. Even though it is covered in the article, I want to give a SECOND warning…. DO NOT EAT bona fide lilies, …

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Jul 22

Edible of the week: Akebia Quinata – also called the “Chocolate Vine”


Growing People website shares an interesting edible wild food that you can actually grow in your garden in the United States as well as the UK. Common Name: chocolate vine Type: Vine Family: Lardizabalaceae Zone: 4 to 8 Native Range: Japan, China, Korea Height: 20 to 40 feet Spread: 6 to 9 feet Bloom Time: …

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Jun 22

Goosegrass also called Bedstraw – Wild Food Foraging


Eat The Weeds website shares information on a wild food called Goosegrass or Bedstraw… same plant has many names. It shows you how to identity, what time of year it grows, the environment it grows in, how to cook it and it medicinal purposes.

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