Yucca Plant – Amazing Usages – Food, Soap & Fishing


The Yucca plant is an incredible resource – it has edible parts  ( blooms are delicious ) , it can make be made into cordage and yes… even soap.

Yucca plant used in fishing is currently illegal but if you were in a extreme life and death situation this knowledge could be useful.

Please be responsible and use this information wisely.

Yucca root was used by Native Americans used to harvest fish.

In sufficient quantities ( hundreds of mashed leaves), the saponins in yucca root paralyze the fish stunning them and they float to the top of the water and are collected.

Saponins are also toxic to humans, however they typically pass through the digestive tract, unabsorbed.

Different part of the Yucca plant are edible and in no way toxic (only the root is).

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Making soap with the Yucca plant:


What the Yucca plant looks like

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