Recipes1 Carb Tortilla Recipe

1 Carb Tortilla Recipe

Tortillas are really handy as these are perfect for breakfast, dinner, lunch, or even dessert. You can enjoy tortillas with your family or enjoy it alone. The whole grain kind of tortillas is also a great way for getting fiber as well as the good grain varieties without risks of tasting bad.

I have seen low carb tortillas in the store and they are not cheap. Walmart has Mission brand and they have 4 carbs per tortilla. They also cost over 3 dollars for the package of 8 small tortillas.

Making these 1 carb might cost a bit the first time since you would need to buy everything but then you would have left over ingredients for next time so in the end they should be much cheaper to make at home. Plus you get rid of 3 more carbs.

Tortillas, according to Maria, are quick and easy, not to mention healthy and super yummy. And the best thing about tortillas is that you can have them in many different ways.
For example, you can prepare cheese omelet tortilla for breakfast. Cook one piece of egg as you like, whether flat, scrambled, or fried. You can use a slice of cheese or more, depending on your preference. Place the contents in a pan-toasted tortilla. Hot sauce can be added, too.

Quesadilla with cheese is a great recipe of lunch. Just use two tortillas, place some cheese at the center, toast both sides with oil in a pan and cut the results into wedges to share with others.
If you like to have vegetables, you can also prepare quesadilla with red peppers and cheese.

Cut up one piece of sweet red pepper in small cubes then place them inside while cooking. This will be a hit among kids without hearing any complaints about the veggies at all.

Quick tortilla pie can serve as a great dessert. Just fry a tortilla in a pan and while it cooks, sprinkle sugar and watch as it melts. Add cooked fruits, top this with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream and you are good to go.

The Kellie Kitchen shares a simple recipe on how to prepare Low Carb Tortillas that everyone will surely love.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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