Garden Beds$10 Cedar Raised Garden Beds

$10 Cedar Raised Garden Beds

I have a couple of raised gardens but I really love the idea of these being longer and more narrow. Much easier than having to walk around the whole bed to reach the other side. plus my yard is longer than it is wide and these will just fit the yard layout and look so much better. I am growing giant blackberries for the first time and I think they would do really well in this type of bed as the branches could grow out from both sides.
It will make picking them much easier than against the fence where they are now too.
Check out the plans on Ana White. The prices may have changed some since her article is from 2010 but It would be so much easier and I think it would still be with in reason to make these.

photo credit Kiwicreativeinc
photo credit Kiwicreativeinc

$10 Cedar Raised Garden Beds

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