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10 Checklist When Renovating a Bathroom

As times and trends change, it’s not uncommon to become unsatisfied with your home’s interior design and want to give your space a makeover. An essential aspect of a home renovation is updating your bathroom because it fulfills a practical role and can act as a calming, restful sanctuary. 

According to a survey, 33% of US homeowners in 2021 stated that they renovated their bathroom because they couldn’t stand the old one, pointing to the significance of its functionality and style. Still, revamping a bathroom entails more than just updating the fixtures. Keep reading as we look at everything you should consider during this process. 

1. Determine a Budget 

The estimated cost of updating your bathroom is determined by various factors, including the quantity of marble required, the space’s surface area, plumbing services, the quality of any new fittings or fixtures, and the extent of work expected. Setting a budget will enable you to stay on top of these expenses since they quickly add up. You can decide the maximum amount of money you’re willing to spend and prioritize updating the room accordingly. 

2. Make a List of Everything You Need

In order to ensure that your bathroom renovation is seamless, it’s recommended to come up with a list of all the tasks that need to be prioritized and accomplished. For example, you should complete wiring and plumbing work before installing flooring and marble tiling. Not only is using a checklist beneficial during the project, but it can also be useful after the process is finished, as it ensures that no detail is overlooked. 

3. Hire Professionals

A bathroom renovation can be stressful and overwhelming. The best way to go about this activity is by picking and hiring a trustworthy contractor. Look through their project delivery on schedule, testimonials, past projects, and services, and run a thorough background check. Once you find a company that aligns with your needs, discuss the end product vision you have in mind and how you want the work done. Click here if you’re looking for a stress-free renovation because places like Easy Bathroom guarantee that such projects run smoothly. 

4. Opt for a Simple Remodel

Overcomplicating your bathroom renovation can result in massive mistakes that lead to spending more time and money. Keep this room’s remodeling simple with elegant curves, decorative moldings, ornamentations, and steps. The more straightforward the design, the more cost-effective it will be.  

Most people neglect their bathroom in a home remodeling, and the space is typically looming in the back. Even just recessing a medicine cabinet, a soap dish, and toilet paper roll holders can help make the room look sleeker and almost like a showplace with great style if you want to make small changes yourself.

5. Mix and Match

When you revamp your space, mix sanitaryware items from different suppliers to balance affordable buys and luxuries like a quality bath. This enables you to save money without losing on quality, stylish finish. Just because a material is cheap doesn’t mean it lacks durability. 

Do your research to find the best alternatives to expensive options with similar quality and understand the difference between cheap, solid materials and bad-quality fixes. For instance, avoid investing in shower trays or plastic baths that are so thin they’re flexible and, in turn, challenging to seal and make watertight. You need to find the right materials to give your bathroom the different look it needs. 

6. Tiling Matters

Consider patterned floor tiles if you want to add flair to a simple scheme while complementing the bathroom paint colors. A Victorian-style print is always a good idea, especially if you have an old property with a traditional bath and shower. On the other hand, simple metro tiling provides a styled and polished finish to the space, giving a more spacious look without knocking down any walls and adding height.  

7. Incorporate a Balanced Lighting Scheme

Often, bathrooms don’t get enough natural lighting; sometimes, artificial lighting isn’t enough, ruining the entire aesthetic. If you feel like that is the case, change your light levels to something more suitable for this space. Replace the bulbs in your existing fixtures with LED bulbs, as these are not expensive. When you save money on lighting, you can splurge on things like a vanity fixture around the bathroom mirror. 

A minor change like lighting can significantly improve your bathroom’s look and even change it completely. Consider buying pendant lighting- it is much better than wall lights or downlights. Additionally, opt for multi-bulb fittings which work on a single power cable. 

8. Improve Ventilation

If your existing ventilation model is ineffective or dysfunctional, it’s time to replace it or install an exhaust fan. A functional bathroom ensures that excess moisture is consistently removed from the surrounding air. Maintaining a sound ventilation system in your bathroom effectively protects it from developing mold, keeping the space clean for a more extended period. 

9. Conceal Pipework

When you work with a plumber for your bathroom renovation, ask them to conceal services and pipework in boxing, ceilings, and flooring in every place possible for a clean look. Moving forward with tiling and laying the floor will then become more manageable. However, you should make sure that crucial components are still accessible in the scenario of a leak. If you wish to install a freestanding bath far from the walls, it’s recommended to raise it on a plinth and hide pipes below it. 

10. Incorporate Better Storage

Nothing ruins a new room faster than clutter, meaning you should consider bathroom storage options when bringing your bathroom renovation to life. You can achieve a coordinated finish with fitted furniture, but it requires planning. For more flexibility and space, modular and freestanding furniture is the best option and can be integrated once sanitaryware has been installed. Modular furniture can also be mounted on the wall to reduce clutter-prone areas. 


Renovating a bathroom can be daunting compared to changing the other rooms in your house- it involves different skills and tasks. You have to consider the likes of electrics, plumbing, heating, and much more. You also want to choose sanitaryware and brassware that will serve you for a long time without problems. However, when you plan the process beforehand and hire the right people, the end result is worth the effort. Go through our guide to start implementing a bathroom remodel that you can be proud of. 

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