Emergency Preparedness10 Survival Uses For a Trash Bag {9 Bonus Uses}

10 Survival Uses For a Trash Bag {9 Bonus Uses}

A simple plastic trash bag can be a valuable item with a variety of uses in an emergency survival situation.

After reading this article, I am going to add a couple plastic trash bags to my emergency preparedness car kit and add at least a couple extra boxes of trash bags to my home emergency supplies.

Outdoor Life website shares ten different uses but I know our “The Homestead Survival” readers could come up with a longer list of uses.

trash bags uses for survival
outdoor life

Here are a few more uses:

  • Keep items dry

  • Store waste when toilets will not flush

  • Use as part of a solar still

  • Transport food if no other option

  • Use as a sleeping bag cover

  • Use to tie a splint

  • Wind break or sun shade

  • Use as a liter cover

  • Use several to make a tent

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