Emergency Preparedness10 Ways to Purify Dirty Water Anywhere for Survival

10 Ways to Purify Dirty Water Anywhere for Survival

These 10 Ways to Purify Dirty Water Anywhere for Survival can literally save your life. You know the rule: You can survive three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in a harsh environment, three days without WATER and 3 weeks without food.

10 Ways to Purify Dirty Water Anywhere for Survival

Boiling is a common way to have clean water because it gets rid of the bacteria and any chemicals in it. For those who have a water emergency, and advisory would recommend water be boiled because of water contamination. Second, is distillation, where the water is converted into a mist to burn out the contaminants. Water bottles are sold as distilled water, but it can be done at home. Survival Straws are what they are: straws. These straws, however, have filters in them for people to suck out of for cleaner water.

Filters are another way for clean water through pumps or drips. UV Light may seem farfetched, but it can work by simply zapping out the disease-creating compounds. SODIS stands for “solar water disinfection,” a way in which water is opened up to the sunlight; however, it is a flawed way of water cleansing because of the amount of time needed, as well as the lack of total disinfection when doing this. If not filters or UV rays, then specialized tablets with iodine could work. Again, it is a flawed way to do so.


Again, another strange object to use to disinfect water is bleach. Yes, Clorox can help. That is another complicated process to explain in cleaning up water, but think of it like chlorine in a pool. Or, make a rough homemade filter with peeled off tree bark, an opened tube, and some glue. Finally, there is the easiest way to enjoy water – drink it as it is. We suggest not doing that.

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Melissa Francis
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