Beverages101 Delicious Clean Eating Infused Water Recipes

101 Delicious Clean Eating Infused Water Recipes

These 101 delicious clean eating infused water recipes are a wide variety of ways to use fruit, herbs, flowers, vegetables and even a sprinkle of spices to make your beverage flavorful and healthy.

101 Delicious Clean Eating Infused Water Recipes

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With detox water, it is a highly popular way for weight loss because it tastes delicious and helps flush the body of its toxins. This infuses water with many fruits and vegetables that promotes the body’s way to losing weight while staying hydrated. The list of recipes and variations is many. Consider some of these mixes.

Lemon and lime, because they are ying and yang; lime, raspberries, and mint, grapes and pineapple, strawberries, lemon, and basil, and lime, kiwi, and pear and some of the basic mixes with common ingredients. But there are more complex infusions that has a bit of everything in one. Consider mixing lemon, cinnamon, apple, apple cider vinegar, and a sweetener like honey.

Keeping the cinnamon and apple, mix in some star anise. With the same first two, how about cranberries, cloves, and ginger? What about blackberries and sage? Water…and oatmeal? Water…and rosemary? There’s more of that.

Detox water is mixing food with water and giving it an interesting taste to spice taste buds while also promoting weight loss and detoxification of the body. All of these ingredients have many things to promote many body functions. It’s about the preference of a person and what they are willing to try to mix in their water.

Water is the drink we cannot live without, but the water coming from our taps are not necessarily clean and safe. The lack of good taste in drinking water comes from the lack of detoxification in it when it goes through general filters. Yet, we must use it in our foods and drinks. As noted by the Mayo Clinic, enough water should be consumed every day – 6 cups – that the urine should be a light yellow.

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