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11 Fun Mother’s Day Activities With The Kids

For many moms out there, the best Mother’s Day gift they can receive is your time. While the pandemic makes it challenging for families to spend more time together, there are various ways to make Mother’s Day extra special. 

Regardless of your family’s preferences, there are countless Mother’s Day activities that suit your family’s lifestyle and needs. If you’re clueless or don’t know what to consider for your family, here are some of the fun Mother’s Day activities you can do with the kids:

1. Plant Flowers

If you have extra space on your lawn, you can make a real Mother’s Day canvas. First and foremost, get various packets of flower or plant seeds that grow well and fast in your region. You can opt for a same day plant delivery to get everything ready.

Then, have your kids write a short message to you or draw a picture in the garden dirt using a stick. Drop the seeds in your kids’ dirt lines and cover them up. Before long, with proper care, your children’s picture or message will bloom, giving you a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on growing.

2. Plan A Photoshoot With Your Family In Your Favorite Places

One of the gift ideas you may also consider for you and your kids is to plan a family photoshoot in your favorite places. Start by creating a list of your favorite places to visit and snap a cool photo at each landmark. You may also come up with a list of creative poses that you and your kids can do while enjoying the places.

3. Go To The Movies

Another good way to share Mother’s Day with the kids is to look at the old photos or go to the movies. Some theaters are now open for everyone. If you can’t go outside because of the pandemic, you can set up a mini theater at your home.

Depending on your preferences, you can watch children’s movies or family-friendly movies. You may ask for suggestions from your kids, so they’ll enjoy movie time with you.

4. Head To The Beach

Whether or not it’s bathing suit season, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy Mother’s Day with the kids at the beach. An excellent outdoor activity with kids is to look for the nearest beach in your local area and plan your day. You can prepare your meals or get food delivered. You may even eat at a restaurant before or after going to the beach.

5. Have A Family Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. First, determine the starting point for your scavenger hunt. It can be around your neighborhood or throughout your town. Second, search online for a hunt that matches your preferred theme.

There are many apps or printable lists you can use for your scavenger hunt. You may even come up with your own hunt. For instance, create a color match hunt where everybody can collect items that match every color on your scavenger hunt. Lastly, decide whether or not your family needs to work as a team to find the things on your list or if you want to make things more competitive.

6. Cook A Family Recipe

Almost all families have a recipe that gets passed down from one generation to another. Celebrate Mother’s Day by teaching your children the secrets to making your famous family recipe. It’s more enjoyable if you tell your kids the history of your family recipe.

7. Pack A Picnic

Another favorite Mother’s Day activity that you can do with the kids is to pack a picnic and head to your favorite local park. You can make your picnic extra fun by having games with your children. Some of the things you can pack for your Mother’s Day picnic may include cheese, crackers, meats, popcorn, fruit, veggie sticks, and muffins.

8. Throw A Small Tea Party

If you don’t want to go outside and prefer to celebrate Mother’s Day at home, you can still have fun with your children by throwing a small tea party. This is especially a good idea if you’re a busy working mom who has daughters. You can have a mother-daughter moment while doing fun things like drawing and eating cookies.

9. Heat Out For A Good Family Bike Ride

If your family loves outdoor activity, why not head out for a family bike ride on Mother’s Day? It’s a great way to explore while having fun with your children. Just don’t forget to stop for a bite or pack up lunches, particularly if you’re planning to visit several places.

If you have a little one, you can consider a chariot to bring them along for the bike ride. You may also use the chariot to bring along some items like outdoor toys and food if you have a specific destination in mind.

10. Try A Painting Class At Home

Whether you want to develop your children’s creativity or you want to put your artistic abilities to the test, you can consider an at-home painting class on Mother’s Day. At present, many stores or art studios offer painting supplies that are suited for children. The only thing you should do is select the perfect painting kits that you and your children can enjoy.

Mother’s Day

11. Book A Self-Guided Or A Walking Tour

The town or city you live in can be loaded with hidden gems or history you may have never known before. These days, most cities have walking tours, both self-guided and guided, suited for families. Such can provide you and your kids an opportunity to learn new things and explore the place you live in.

To find the best tour guide, you can browse online or ask for a recommendation from people you know. No matter what you prefer, various activities are included in a walking tour, like sightseeing excursions. You may also want to know which walking tours are paid or free of charge to determine your budget.

Bottom Line

Mother’s Day activities are never one-size-fits-all. However, there will always be family-friendly activities that most moms will appreciate doing with the kids. Whether you prefer a simple part or a scavenger hunt, always ensure that everyone will have fun and enjoy the entire day with you. Just don’t forget to relax while enjoying the moment with your family.

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