Emergency Preparedness11 Videos To Help You Get Your Ham Radio License

11 Videos To Help You Get Your Ham Radio License

Learn how to get your ham radio operator liicense watching these 11 video tutorials.



The other tutorials in the playlist are:

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – Your first radio!

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – HF Operating “Lingo”

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – Intro To The HF Bands

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – How to call “CQ”

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – Building Your First Station

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – 2 Meter Repeaters

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – How to set SSB Gain Control

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – Intro To Oscilloscopes

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – HF Radio Wave Propogation

  • Ham Radio Tutorial – How To Use An Antenna Tuner

  • Balanced Audio Noise Rejection & Differential Pairs

***To view these tutorial videos – click the ‘Playlist’  to the left of the CC  button  in the bottom of the video above and the playlist menu will appear.***


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
Greetings! I'm Melissa Francis, the founder and primary contributor to The Homestead Survival. With over 20 years of experience in homesteading, sustainability, and emergency preparedness, I've dedicated my life to helping others achieve a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle.

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