Desserts12 Homemade Pop Tarts Recipes

12 Homemade Pop Tarts Recipes

These 12 homemade pop tarts recipes with great pictures are an amazing way to create warm toasted breakfast hand pies perfect for a busy mornings. These are made in a lighter version so they have less calories, are made with real fruit and even the frosting colors are made from natural fruits and vegetables. So you can have them as a healthier version for a snack or as part of a healthy breakfast.



Do you and your family ever have poptarts for breakfast? My grandkids ask me to buy them sometimes and I admit I have a few times but I don’t like to and I think they are pretty tasteless so I am not really sure why the kids like them. Well I think I have found a way to give the kids poptarts and maybe even enjoys a couple myself. I ran across Undressed skeleton blog and wow she has some amazing recipes for poptarts.  From apple to sweet peach, there are 12 different recipes so everyone could have their favorite.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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