Food Storage & Skills13 Batch Food Storage Split Pea Lentil and Barley Soup Mix

13 Batch Food Storage Split Pea Lentil and Barley Soup Mix

If you like having easy to fix meals stored on your pantry shelf check out this 13 batch food storage split pea lentil and barley soup mix.

This soup is a great one to make up ahead and always have some on the shelf. You can cook the mix in stock, broth or just pain water if needed. Add salt and pepper and if you have it ham or chicken to really make a hearty meal.

13 Batch Food Storage Split Pea Lentil and Barley Soup Mix

If you ever have hard times this soup will feed you well with its mix of green and yellow split peas. lentils, pearled barley, alphabet pasta and dried herbs. You could also customize it to suit you.

I will add some cayenne to mine to give it a little kick along with a few other spices I would like in the soup. She doesn’t mention salt but I think you would need to add it when you cooked the soup mix. Salt and pepper to suit your tastes.

The totaly mix makes into 13 batches so you could use one or if you had a crowd to feed 2 or more could be made.

Through the years, grandmas have always recommended soup for different conditions, from diarrhea to flu. Why? According to Sepalika, this is simply because soups are usually filled with meats and vegetables rich in nutrients that are slow cooked for the ingredients to retain their original nutritious value.

This then creates a meal placed in bowl that has an appealing texture, is easy to digest, and still packs exciting flavors. One of the favorite types of soups today is the split pea soup.

SFGate describes split pea soup as a kind of soup prepared through simmering peas, pureed onions and carrots with diced ham to form a part of this favorite American cuisine.

This soup can contribute to your adequate consumption of the protein food groups and vegetables under the government’s nutritional guidelines for you to stick to a well-balanced diet. Split pea soup has healthy ingredients that yield a meal dense with nutrients, with every cup having 11 grams of protein.

Consuming split tea soup offers a lot of health benefits. For instance, the soup has dietary fiber that can add bulk to your food without adding calorie content to your meal. This helps you feel full all day long. Split pea soup can also help you achieve your daily recommended potassium intake, which is a very essential mineral.

Your body needs 4,700mg of potassium every day. Potassium can help you activate enzymes needed for metabolism support, while potassium dissolved in the body fluids can help in blood pressure regulation.
The vitamin K content of split pea soup also benefits your health.

This maintains your health through helping the body in responding to injuries. Vitamin K can help activate enzymes that trigger formation of blood clot to keep you protected from blood loss.
Susan Ruckert shares her own split pea soup mix on Taste of Home that you too can enjoy.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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