Emergency Preparedness13 Different Emergency Survival Kits to Build

13 Different Emergency Survival Kits to Build

These 13 Different Emergency Survival Kits to Build will help you find direction of how to customize your emergency supplies.

13 Different Emergency Survival Kits to Build - The Homestead Survival - Preparedness

First, there is one for the lights. If they go out, lighting emergency will be used in the form of flashlights, candles, matches, batteries, and other light-making tools.

Second, there is cooking. When the power goes out, get the solar oven, wood oven, or a butane burner ready to make food.

Third, there is heating and this helps when it is freezing and the usual heater is not working, This goes beyond traditional jackets and blankets.

Fourth, it is the opposite of the heating and it is the need to cool down. Cooling towels and battery-powered fans can keep you cool with the scorching heat zaps out the electricity.

Fifth, is communication, and massively important kit with walkie talkies when the phone lines go down or backup phones if the main phones dies.

Having a kit for sanitation and cleanliness is quite the necessity when water pipes are not working and you can’t flush the toilet.

What about needles, thread, buttons, and patches? That is a kit for fixing clothes that are torn but you can’t discard.

A medical kit, one that should be as obvious as the other kits, has basic equipment, first aid supplies, and over-the-counter medicines.

If any of the above should happen with a child around, there is a kit for them to stay busy and not haunted by the lack of TV. Get a backup toy or crayons and a coloring book for the little ones.

Finally, there is the Armageddon “Shit Hits The Fan” kit, one in the event of nuclear fallout, chemical outbreak, or a pandemic of illnesses. Gloves, biohazard suits, radio, guns and ammo – they will all be part of this Code Red kit.

Lighting Kit

Cooking kit

Heating kit

Cooling kit

Communication kit

Sanitation kit

Clothes Repair kit

Medical Kit

NBC kit (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical)

Pandemic kit

Kid kit

Homeschool Kit

Power Outage Kit

Water treatment kit

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Melissa Francis
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