13 Foods that Fight Pain


If you suffer from pain, whether  from headaches to arthritis Docakilah has some real food remedy advice.
They give you 13 different foods that you can use to help get rid of pain. From extracts to foods that can be used in your cooking, many way to get these into your diet.

I had read about turmeric a couple years ago and started taking 3 capsules per day along with adding powdered turmeric to my soup and rice dishes and I have gone from pain and heat (which told me that I had a lot of inflammation going on) in my knees every single day and all night to no pain or heat whatsoever.

It really is amazing how well turmeric has helped my knees. It has been proven that it is an anti inflammatory herb and for me my pain free knees were good enough proof for me. If you are suffering try some of these real food remedies and just maybe you can avoid the lab produced pain medications.

photo credit docakilah.wordpress.com
photo credit docakilah.wordpress.com

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