Wild Food Foraging12 Free Foraged Winter Harvest Food Sources

12 Free Foraged Winter Harvest Food Sources

These 12 free foraged winter harvest food sources can add variety to your diet and bring down the monthly grocery bill for those open mined frugal homesteaders. Wild food foraging is a self sufficiency skill that is making a huge comeback in urban, suburban and rural areas. We walk past food sources every day that are in plain sight but we are blind to them.

With the fall garden harvests coming to an end until the spring, it can seem like a lifetime before we can start seeing new foods to pull from our own gardens. The wilds surrounding our homes (if you know where to look) contain some rather hardy plants, mostly roots, that have built themselves up to survive through the colder temperatures. This is the time for these roots and for you to pluck them from the earth to use in your kitchen.

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12 Free Foraged Winter Harvest Food Sources

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With about 12 different roots and plants to choose for your kitchen, you’ll soon find yourself plucking them up and finding ways to incorporate them all into your daily dishes.

These delicious roots and plants can be found:

wild garlic





evening primrose

Jerusalem artichoke

bull thistle


wild parsnip

wild carrot

garlic mustard

Each of these have something to offer you, your kitchen, and your daily meals. As you decide to make the trek out into the wilds to see what you can find, you’ll want to know what you’re looking at with any root or plant to avoid those that are harmful or poisonous. With a little help and some experience, you’ll find yourself ignoring the potentially dangerous ones and bringing home basketfulls and basketfuls of these roots and plants, looking for new ways to use them every day.

Click here to read about 12 free foraged winter harvest food sources:


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