RecipesDeep Dish Pizza Cooked in Cast Iron Skillet Recipe

Deep Dish Pizza Cooked in Cast Iron Skillet Recipe

This delicious deep dish pizza cooked in cast iron skillet recipe is absolutely an all around family favorite that has each person asking for another slice.

You’ll need some pizza dough, of course, some cheese, meats, veggies, and your favorite pizza sauce. If you’re running short on time, store bought works in a pinch (homemade is always best). When you’ve got all the ingredients, it takes only a couple of minutes to prepare your deep dish pizza with all of its cheesy goodness and special combination of spices to make the whole thing just melt in your mouth.

After prep, you’re just cooking it for a few minutes before it’s time to pull it out, cut it up, and serve it. So easy, so simple. You’re sure to find a new hit for your family for family night dinners with this great deep dish pizza that you’ve made with your cast iron skillet.

Deep Dish Pizza Cooked in Cast Iron Skillet

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We know it seems like it could take forever to bake in your cast iron skillet, but it’s barely 30 minutes and you’re going from prep to eating as long as you have a few basic items to get you started.

Wanting something new for family night dinner ? Have you had a long day and just want an easy meal for your family that doesn’t take a lot of prep or cook time? Well, why not try out your own pizza? Specifically, deep dish pizza made in an cast iron skillet?

Who knew it would taste so great?

Anyone with an cast iron skillet does.
Simply yummy.

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