DIY ProjectsHow to Change a House Door Lock

How to Change a House Door Lock

This step by step tutorial of how to change a house door lock is a get skill to have for each new home you move into. Have you just bought a new home or rented a new apartment and know for your own safety that the locks need to be changed immediately? Have you ever misplaced a spare key and wondered where it could have gone?

If you’re looking to keep your safety and peace of mind intact, you will find that changing your locks is a simpler solution. Did a roommate move out or you gave an ex boyfriend/girlfriend the boot ?

As you look into the possible ways to change your locks, you may soon find out how expensive a locksmith can be. Truthfully, you don’t need one if you have the steps below to guide you in replacing your locks at home. You don’t even need to spend lots of money to do this. You can find what you need at most local hardware stores and maybe even your large box retailers.

How to Change a House Door Lock

When you find the deadbolts or full locking systems, you can take the instructions below and follow the easy step-by-step guide to fortifying your home with new locks and keys. There’s no reason why you can’t do this on your own with the right kits and just a couple of tools: namely a screwdriver.

Just make sure the kit has at least the following for the deadbolt: key lock cylinder, deadbolt assembly, interior turn assembly, strike plate, and mounting hardware. If it doesn’t, find one that does. Then, get to changing those locks, gaining satisfaction for your safety and a job well done.

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Melissa Francis
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