BeveragesHow to Grow a Kombucha Mother Scoby

How to Grow a Kombucha Mother Scoby

This step by step tutorial of how to grow a Kombucha mother scoby can be the beginning of your renewable Kombucha brewing process. Kombucha is a drink made through fermentation of a live culture of good bacteria and yeast that creates a probiatic drink.

Whether you’re buying kombucha in the store or making your own, you’ll find that a SCOBY is needed to make this fermented brew of tea. The best thing is that a SCOBY is relatively easy to make from scratch. With the wonders of kombucha tea and its supposed healing properties, this tea has become a popular one to purchase and to make in your own home.

How to Grow a Kombucha Mother Scoby

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To make your own SCOBY, all you need is a few simple ingredients: water, sugar, and tea bags. You will also need some basic cooking tools (super clean) since you will blend the ingredients together. The blended ingredients can begin the first phase in the fermentation process that gives you your first SCOBY that you can then use for your first batch of kombucha tea.

As many are making the switch to producing their own kombucha, you will find the recipe and instructions below make your first SCOBY mother an easy process.

As you first start out, you may find yourself with some trial and error, but just like cooking anything in the kitchen it is a learning experience. Since you can experiment with recipes like the kombucha one to make the tea the way you want. In order to do this, you’ll want to practice making your SCOBY until you’ve got the right.

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