Household TipsSki Sleds for Hauling Supplies Prove Useful

Ski Sleds for Hauling Supplies Prove Useful

Using ski sleds for hauling supplies can prove useful for a creative homesteader. Snow is so pretty and pristine as you gaze upon it outside your window as its fresh powder glistens from the stars or the sun reflecting off of it. You can’t imagine a more perfect sight.

That is until you need to haul stuff from your car to your home or your shed and you’re knee deep in the white mess that is snow. It’s not so bad when you are talking about small items like groceries or a few holiday purchases, but it’s a whole other story when you’re hauling heavier items that you need for around your home.

Ski Sleds for Hauling Supplies Prove Useful

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Those heavy items just sink you deeper into the snow, making it harder for you to maneuver yourself and get your stuff where it’s needed most at that moment. As you trudge on in this manner for a winter or two, you can’t help but wonder if there’s not a better way of handling these heavier hauls than just doing your best.

Surely, there is a system you can use that will help with these loads and even the smaller ones so you are not trudging back and forth more times than you care to count. Well, you’ll find a great solution below as you make your own ski sleds that can handle both types of loads for your needs.

All you need is three sets of used skis, ten pieces of wood, some nails, and some wood screws to get you going. Before long, you’ll have your new travel systems and you won’t look back.

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