Food Storage & SkillsHow to Dehydrate Chicken Eggs for Food Storage

How to Dehydrate Chicken Eggs for Food Storage

This step by step tutorial of how to dehydrate chicken eggs for food storage is a great way to compactly save them in a dry powdery form that can be later reconstituted with water. Chicken eggs have sky rocketed in price at the grocery store in the last 6 months – we have all seen the prices.

Have you ever wondered what you should do when you are sitting on a surplus of eggs thanks to very generous hens laying more and more each day? First of all, thank your lucky stars and dehydrate the extra. You know you can always use eggs in morning meals, hard boiled eggs as a snack and sneak them into other recipes throughout the day. You could always give some eggs away but that is giving away a precious resource you have already paid for – chickenfeed is not cheap. So, what is your last recourse other than letting them go bad? You could consider dehydrating them and storing them for later use, such as baking and other cooking projects.


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As you will find that the process is pretty simple to do in your own kitchen. You will just want to take special care to keep your eggs from developing salmonella to keep you and your family safe. What is the best way to do this? Well, you will need either your oven or a proper dehydrator to turn your fresh eggs into powdered eggs.

Out of your two choices, you may find the dehydrator a labor intense option. Don’t forget to grab something to store your powdered eggs until you are ready to use them – like mason jars. With your dehydrator and other supplies, you will be enjoying some powdered eggs in no time.

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