DIY ProjectsBuild a Old Fashion Cabinet From Broken Dresser Project

Build a Old Fashion Cabinet From Broken Dresser Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a old fashion cabinet from a broken dresser diy project takes what would have been trash headed to a landfill and gives it a second functional life as a tresured peice of furniture.

Build a Old Fashion Cabinet From Broken Dresser Project

Tools Suggested:

Table Saw
Nail Gun
Kreg Jig

Materials Used:

1/4″ wood paneling (4’x8′)
1×3″ boards
Wood Glue
(3) Ice Box Hardware Kits- Available at D. Lawless Hardware
(1) Ice Box Sign

Do you have a dresser that has seen better days and you’re wondering what you could do to bring it new life? Have you ever thought about how you could repurpose that dresser, creating a whole new piece while salvaging most of the old dresser?

You can find that your old dresser can find new life with a little elbow grease and a few materials. As you can see below, the old dresser was revamped into a beautiful craft cabinet perfect for sewing or any other craft that you may find yourself loving.

To take your old dresser and do the same, you just need some time and creativity as well as a small list of supplies to transform your dresser and bring it back to life within your home. What a great way to keep a piece of furniture you’ve cherished and save it from complete disrepair! So, what do you need exactly to get your dresser an overhaul into a beautiful crafting cabinet? Well, you’ll need a table saw, nail gun, drill, and kreg jig for your tools.

You’ll also need some materials, such as some wood paneling, some boards, wood glue, ice box hardware and sign, and some sandpaper. You should also consider what stain or paint you’d like to use if you’re interested in changing out the color of your old dresser. With this design and fairly easy picture steps to follow, you can redesign your old dresser into something completely new and unique for your home.

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Melissa Francis
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