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16 Small Bathrooms Designs: Trends 2020

2020 isn’t just a new year for some of the hottest upcoming design ideas, but also the start of a new decade of ideas that we’ll be seeing 10 years from now. And some of the trendiest design ideas to look forward to going into 2020 and beyond are those of small bathrooms.

Small bathrooms are quite challenging not just in terms of design, but also allowing us to move around without trouble. This is especially a real headache for married couples or two people (whether friends or family members) having to share a bathroom.

But in this article, we’ve constructed a scrumptious list of design ideas and solutions that can not only make your tiny bathroom look aesthetically pleasing and spacious but also give you plenty of elbow room as well. Everything from smart storage decisions to statement wallpaper can make any miniature bathroom feel wider and endearing.

Here are some of the most eye-catching small bathrooms designs to look forward to in 2020:

Old World Charm

The Upper Eastside house of retail whiz Patricia Greene boasts the kind of old-world charm that can make your small bathroom looks stunning and big in a convincing way. In this guest bathroom, Waterworks handled the fittings in the sink, Restoration Hardware did the mirror, and Mosaic House had the walls clad in tiles.

Use a Shower Curtain

A glass door that moves in and out won’t be able to save you the kind of space that is shower curtain moving back and forth, will. Shower tubs are excellent for fitting into small spaces and some models can comment about 60 inches in length.

Old Meets New

Another stellar tiny bathrooms design choice is Paloma Contreras’ home in Houston which offers a flawless combination of comfort and elegance. The powder room consists of Kohler sink fittings, stones from Ralph Lauren Home, a neutral Philip Jeffries wallpaper, as well as a vintage rug.

Install a Skylight

One of the best ways to make small bathrooms designs feel bigger is by installing a skylight on the roof to let the natural rays of the sun pass through. This is an exceptional option for a tiny bathroom’s design especially when regular windows don’t cut it.

Woven Baskets

This modern master bath killed it with a set of under-mounted twin sinks but storage space was a downer due to the lack of proper cabinetry. With that in mind, you can remedy this issue by getting yourself oversized bins that also offer lots of space for your fluffy towels.

Graphic Handprinted Wallpaper

If you have Onyx Fantastico-marble clad floor and sink, then it would go really well with a graphic hand-painted wallpaper from Gracie just as ED A-Lister Steven Gambrell did for his Chicago powder room. The powder room also features a vintage faucet that was taken from the Manhattan townhouse owned by Bunny Mellon with a Blackman Cruz sconce.

Install a Corner Sink

A pedestal sink and at times ruling the only wiggle room you have for your bathroom, especially when it’s small. So to better complement a compact bathroom layout, it would be more appropriate for you to install a corner sink just across your toilet. Although the shower door opening and closing can create an unusual condition for walking around.

Floral Wallpapers

Bella Mancini’s cozy little Brooklyn bathroom’s design offers stunning show-stealing performance with its impressive tag team of floral wallpapers and an oval mirror.

Bold and Bright Color Schemes

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean it should only settle for a white and gray color scheme. You can make do just as well with colors and patterns that are bright and bold, which could otherwise be too much for a larger bathroom. Take this bathroom courtesy of Dabito of All Brand-New which is exploding with geometric shapes, quirky patterns, and rich colors.

Opt for a European-Style Shower

A European approach is one of the coolest small bathroom ideas with shower only. Such showers are enclosed by one simple curtain followed by a drain right in the middle of the shower area that will save you some serious space than having to install a full traditional showering system. Small bathroom ideas with a shower only bring some unique charm to your space.

Install a Counter over Your Tiny Toilet

This idyllic banjo-type style can be accomplished using a wood or stone slab. The elongated counter offers sufficient space for only a couple of necessary items. Not only does this help toilet placement, but the look feels both minimal and clean. Caesarstone’s bathroom countertops offer a plethora of sophisticated options for you to choose from.

Add a Cabinet over the Toilet or Free Wall

We’ve even got a good vanity for small bathroom idea that you’re sure to love. If you feel like there’s not enough space to store any of your bathroom essentials, then why not consider including a cabinet just above your toilet or in fact any free wall within your small bathroom? Ideal for storing makeup accessories, medicine, and some spare towels too.

Frameless Walk-In Shower Panel

A smart way of taking advantage of glass would be to do what is shown here in this bijou bathroom. You wouldn’t be able to tell which part of the shower is class and which part isn’t (hint: it’s the middle one). It may be smaller than the regular showers, but it’s just the right size for kids. And the white marble material use for the walls can give that small space a hint of glamour.

Buy Fixtures with Storage

Some bathroom accessories can also pull double duty. For instance, mirrors that come with shelves or drawers. This is a neat space-saving solution if a conventional medicine cabinet isn’t going to fit in in such restricted spaces. It’s also a way to make your vanity for a small bathroom much more than just a beautiful fixture; make it functional!

Use Large Scale Patterns

Large-scale patterns can really come in handy especially when it was to trick visitors into believing a small bathroom for a larger one. Although the square footage will remain as it is, it certainly will look as if the bathroom appears bigger in our eyes.

Make Everything White

Going all-white may seem tacky and tasteless to some, but to many others, it’s a simplistic and attractive aesthetic that still holds true to this day. Not only that, but it also makes small spaces seem bigger and also brighter.

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Bryan Thomas
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