1959 Chevrolet Viking Bus Tiny Home

1959 Chevrolet Viking Bus Tiny Home

Do you know what is better than a beautiful and funky home? No? We’ve got the answer to your question, it is a beautiful and funky room on wheels, yes that is something that remodelista.com is featuring, a 1959 Chevrolet Viking Short Bus that M-E based architect Will Winkelman has created.

This short bus is a perfect blend of a funky and homey interior. It comes with sleeping quarters, tables, plumbing and power supplies. You can use it when going out with friends on an adventurous trip and cut out the hotel costs, or on a nice family vacation in addition to all this you can also use it as an extra guestroom when there is no room in your house.

It has a pleasant interior with the beads, dangles and paisley and gives 1960s a hippie Moroccan vibe. It is designed according to the client’s wishes. It has two single beds that can be joined to form a queen size bed, a table and reading lamps. The exterior is changed from brown and white to a beautiful mint green and the interior is well lit with amazing lamps and lively prints, there is nothing you wouldn’t like in this bus.

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1959 Chevrolet Viking Bus Tiny Home

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