Homesteading20 Secrets for Your Twenties - Pearls of Wisdom to Share

20 Secrets for Your Twenties – Pearls of Wisdom to Share

All Groan Up website shares 20 of the common sense insights from the book ” 101 Secrets for your Twenties ”.

It seems a lot of people are searching for advice that could help them on this journey called life…where was this advice when I was in my 20’s.

How many mistakes ( life experiences ) could I have not made or done differently ?

The best pieces of advice my grandmother had to offer me in my 20’s was:

* Choose your life’s mate carefully. From this one decision will come ninety percent of your happiness or misery.

* Say Please and Thank You a lot

*Live beneath your means

*Be forgiving of yourself and others but don’t forget

*Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yard.

*Treat everyone you met like you want to be treated.

*Donate two pints of blood every year.

*Don’t waste time learning the tricks of the trade….learn the trade.

*Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life.

*Never mention being on a diet…live by example.

*Admit your mistakes.

*Remember all new sources are biased.

*Demand excellence and be willing to pay for it.

*Be brave. Even if your’e not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference.

*Hug a child after you discipline them.

*Don’t take good health for granted.

*When someone wants to hire you, even if it’s for a job you have little interest in, talk to them. Never close an opportunity until you have had a chance to hear the offer in person.

*In business and in family relationships, remember the most important thing is TRUST.

*If force into a physical fight, hit first and hit hard. ( I know many will not agree with this one) My grandmother was a sassy take no crap kind of lady that would give you her last dollar if you needed it. I am proud of her and to carry on her spirit for life.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
Greetings! I'm Melissa Francis, the founder and primary contributor to The Homestead Survival. With over 20 years of experience in homesteading, sustainability, and emergency preparedness, I've dedicated my life to helping others achieve a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle.

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